ELASTIC’s Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) is a panel of external experts who support the project with their technical background and expertise in different industrial domains. It is composed of high profile industrial professionals who were proposed by the project’s Executive Board and approved by the General Assembly. 

The contribution of the IAB members is to build a strong industrial focus on the project:

  • as observers of the project’s development
  • as multipliers for result dissemination and exploitation
  • as advisors for contributions and recommendations from other application domains

During the project's initial phase, the role of the IAB is to provide oral and written feedback on the project's technical requirements and connect them with the necessities of the different industries related to extreme-scale analytics and fog computing. During the middle phase of the project, the IAB will offer useful input to the discussion around the issues that need to be addressed from an industry-based perspective. During the final stages, the IAB members had the opportunity to see and analyse the results developed in the project. They offered recommendations about the potential exploitation path of Big data analytics, IoT, smart mobility and smart cities cyber-physical systems toward the transportation industry and service domains. They expressed a general interest in the single and integrated ELASTIC  technologies; in the specific, the IAB manifested interest in deploying ELASTIC technologies on Very Light Rail (VLR) automotive systems, a revolutionary, cost-effective, sustainable transport system for metropolitan areas, consolidating, therefore, the potential technological maturity of the ELASTIC ecosystem for short mid-term applications.

The ELASTIC IAB members are: 

  • Sunil Budhdeo, Transport Innovation Manager | Coventry City Council Local Government
  • Javier de Lasala, Safety-critical software engineer, CAF
  • Toni Alpuente, Chief of Operation | Tram Barcelona
  • Xavier Azemar, Head of Barcelona Co-Innovation Center and Cisco Innovation Labs Spain | Cisco
  • Mariano Lamarca, Senior Project Development Manager, Barcelona City Council




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