Deliverables File
D 1.1 Use case requirement specification and definition Download
D 1.4 Smart mobility use case, sensing and datasets - Final release Download
D 1.5 Impact on standards and open initiatives - Final analysis Download
D 1.6 Impact on standards and open initiatives - Final analysis Download
D 1.7 Smart mobility use case evaluation Download
D 2.2 Reactive analytics, data fusion and learning Models – Final release Download
D 2.3 Servitisation of distributed data analytics  Download
D 2.4 Validations of distributed analytic services Download
D 2.5 Distributed data analytics platform requirements Download
D 3.1 Software architecture requirements and integration plan  Download
D 3.2 Refined requirements and integration plan  Download
D 3.4 ELASTIC software architecture - Second release Download
D 3.5 ELASTIC software architecture - Final release Download
D 3.6 Evaluation of the ELASTIC software architecture Download
D 4.2 Non-functional properties analysis and constraints specification Download
D 4.3 Non-functional components  Download
D 4.4 Evaluation of nonfunctional components Download
D 4.5 General requirements of the fog architecture  Download
D 5.3 ELASTIC fog computing architecture – Final release  Download
D 5.4 Evaluation of the fog computing architecture Download
D 6.2 Initial communication and dissemination report Download
D 6.4 Intermediate communication and dissemination report Download
D 6.6 Final communication and dissemination report Download
D 7.2 Data Management Plan  Download
D 7.3 Final project report Download