At the heart of the ELASTIC SA, the orchestrator layer employs the COMP Superscalar (COMPSs framework), which handles the deployment and the scheduling of the computation (i.e., the data analytics tasks provided by the DDAP) for the efficient distributed execution of analytics across the compute continuum, from edge to cloud. The orchestrator layer is key to implementing the elasticity concept in which data analytics workflows are distributed not only by taking into account performance metrics but also non-functional requirements. This has been achieved with the following features:

  • New deployment mechanisms to facilitate the interoperability in the fog platform between edge and cloud computing resources, fully leveraging container technologies, enabling the abstraction of the deployment and execution needs of workflows. To that end,  COMPSs has been integrated with Nuvla, an edge-cloud management platform with advanced capabilities that facilitate the deployment across heterogeneous infrastructure.
  • Integration with the NFR tool to receive real-time information on relevant system metrics and recommendations on the available computing and communication resources, adapting to any changes in the compute continuum and ensuring the fulfilment of the non-functional properties of time, energy, communications and security.


Orchestration layer


  • New COMPSs workflow scheduling strategies leveraging the NFR tool information, implementing different heuristics that aim to minimize the execution time of the workflow. The tradeoff between exploiting parallelism in the execution of the analytics workflow and keeping down the response time of real-time analytics methods has also been explored. Overall, the proposed scheduling heuristics yielding a performance improvement of up to 38% in terms of execution time, with respect to baseline strategies.