Publication in Conference Proceedings/Workshop
Title Global Resource Management in the ELASTIC Architecture

Rita Sousa; Luis Nogueira; Fátima Rodrigues; Luis Miguel Pinho

Publisher IEEE
Year 2022
Place Coventry, United Kingdom

Global Resource Management in the ELASTIC Architecture; Rita Sousa; Luis Nogueira; Fátima Rodrigues; Luis Miguel Pinho.


Smart systems increasingly demand the processing of a massive amount of data generated by heterogeneous and distributed data sources. Due to the inherent cyber-physical nature of these systems, many applications require that this processing respects a set of non-functional requirements (such as timeliness, or energy-efficiency). To cope with this challenge, edge-cloud architectures need to provide flexible mechanisms to support varying processing needs, whilst guaranteeing the minimum level of quality of service required by these smart applications. This paper addresses this challenge in the context of the ELASTIC software architecture, which has been developed integrating responsive data-in-motion (edge computing) and latent data-at-rest analytics (cloud computing) into a single solution, satisfying extreme-scale analytics' performance requirements. The paper focuses on how the architecture fulfils the non-functional properties inherited from the applications, namely real-time and energy-efficiency, whilst ensuring the performance of the software architecture.