08 February 2021

As the pandemic is still ongoing around the world, online meetings and events have become the norm. Following this, the ELASTIC consortium had just completed the latest digital F2F project meeting, which took place on 2-4 February. Representatives from all partners came together for the 3-day gathering to update each other on developments in the technical and non-technical tasks.

The first day was purely dedicated to the work of the technical Work Packages. The discussion kicked off with the smart mobility use case with the related partners explaining their latest work on the tram network of Florence. Later on, the focus shifted towards the advances in the software architecture, which included presentations on the ELASTIC distributed data analytics platform, non-functional system properties, and fog computing architecture.

The second day started with sessions on the non-technical Work Packages during which the partners had the opportunity to hear what the dissemination, exploitation, and project management teams have been up to. The day went on with technical discussions on more specific technical issues, such as the data model interoperability and validation of the software architecture components and data analytics methods. These in-depth conversations were carried on the next and final day of the meeting, as clarifications on certain points were needed between the team members.

Thanks to all our partners for joining our meeting and contributing to the progress of the ELASTIC project. Until next time!