03 August 2021

We at ELASTIC are proud champions of equality, diversity and inclusion and we try to do our little bit to contribute to these values in the community. Along with the mission of the European Commission, we always aim to find new ways of showing our support for fair treatment and opportunities for all.

In this vein, we are launched our Women in STEM interview series, which features female scientists that are vital members of ELASTIC. In these interviews, our researchers talk not only about their role in the project, but also their motivation and experience as women in STEM. Through their words, they deliver their own motivational messages to young girls and women who are interested in pursuing a career in these fields. You can find the interviews below:

Our partners are strong supporters of diversity and inclusion and are aware of the importance of their social responsibility. Thus, they have clear policies on how to fulfill their civic duty in benefiting the whole of society. Have a look at our individual partner policies:

Finally, we enjoy being part of community initiatives that raise awareness and celebrate these causes, such as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science on 11 February and the European Diversity Month in May. Recently created, our equality and diversity page summarises all of our related activities. Stay tuned!