14 April 2020
Elastic tram

We are all experiencing a challenging time during the Covid-19 pandemic and trying to find our ways of understanding and adapting to the situation. The ELASTIC team, as many others lately, is working from home. However, this has not kept us from carrying on with dissemination tasks and activities! In an attempt to continue with the project’s communication efforts and to offer different material for our audience to read during the lockdown, we have gathered all the latest ELASTIC resources. Happy reading!

  • Our new Software Infrastructure page offers information on the ELASTIC novel software architecture and a description of the different layers integrated into it.
  • Our new Use case page provides details on the project’s real smart city use case implemented in the public tram network of the city of Florence. It also includes details on the three applications identified to assess the benefits of the ELASTIC technology for newly conceived tramway solutions.
  • Our ELASTIC entry in the BDVA Marketplace, addressed particularly to industries and corporate audiences. It explains the project’s technological novelty, how it fits in certain market areas, and what benefits there are for potential customers.
  • An article written by the EC Cordis journalist team that describes how ELASTIC is laying the groundwork for autonomous transport networks by developing a novel software architecture for big data analytics to be applied in urban mobility systems and smart cities.
  • A project video is also on its way. It will demonstrate ELASTIC’s technology, a short interview with the project’s coordinator Eduardo Quiñones, and scenes from the tram vehicles in Florence describing the smart city use case. Stay tuned!

We hope these resources prove useful during this “Staying at home” challenge and beyond. Don’t forget to keep up to date with our latest news and developments by checking our project website, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.