01 July 2019

Elastic use case

ELASTIC novel technology will be demonstrated on a real smart-mobility use case in the tramway network of the City of Florence, Italy. The innovative mobility services developed in the project aim to prepare the ground for full autonomous mobility systems.  ELASTIC is working to address this problem by developing an innovative software architecture (SA) that will incorporate an original elasticity concept to allocate and organise the resources across the compute continuum (from edge to cloud) in a novel fog computing environment.

The great potential of the ELASTIC project will be demonstrated on a real smart-city case across the trams of Florence, which are operated by the ELASTIC partner Gestione del Servizio Tramviario (GEST). In order to face the above challenges, ELASTIC will implement the following properties and the following ELASTIC tram use-case software architecture:


  • Equipment of the tram vehicles with advanced driving assistant systems, heterogeneous sensors, V2I connectivity and access to cloud resources
  • Interaction between the public and private transport to identify complications and improve local traffic regulation plans
  • Predictive maintenance to monitor the tramway operation in order to identify system failures in advance
  • Anonymise the data-sets collected from the applied sensors to guarantee citizens privacy and security
  • Analyse the impact of the extreme-scale analytics and new elasticity concept on established safety standards and open SA initiatives

The image below shows the ELASTIC tram use-case software architecture:

Elastic use case software architecture